taketechease: Free Online Differentiation - Calculator

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Presented online application transforms a function into its derivative. Derivative represents a rate of change of a function with respect to an independent variable. This app enables to differentiate a function that depends on more than one independent variable by considering these variables individually. To do so, one must declare a name of independent variable with respect to which a given function is differentiated. During differentiation, the rest of variables is kept constant. In such a case (called here a multi-parametric case), a number of remaining independent variables must be set by the user.
Numerical differentiation can support analytic solution. Obtained results can be depicted in plots.

Function To Differentiation

Enter your expression (do not use 'w' as your variable name)


Put here the variable symbol (default value 'x')

Put here the number of parameters that appear in your expression

Brackets color

yes no


The first derivative reads:


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