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Taketechease.com web page is aimed at free software and free online courses distributing. The main scope of interest considers scientific computer programs and mobile applications together with the educational path, however, another piece of work is also developed. The latter one includes

Scientific applications are based on the following mathematical methods: the finite element method, genetic algorithms and the machine learning.
The first above-mentioned method, the Finite Element Method, allows to solve multi-dimensional differential equations. Differential equations are used to describe a huge amount of phenomena in various different scientific areas ranging from physic, chemistry, biology to economics. The Finite Element Method is a mathematical technique used to find a discrete approximation to the exact continuum solution. As every approximate technique, this approach can be easily translated into computer procedures.
Genetic algorithms are one of numerical methods for finding 'the best' fitted individuals within a population of organisms. In biology, the fitness of organism refers to its ability to 'survive' and 'reproduce' in given environment. In contrary, the genetic algorithms are a numerical method where an individual object can represent not real organism but some numerical attribute (just a number). And therefore, its goodness is considered in relation to some mathematical condition. For example, if one can find the minimum of a mathematical problem then an individual (i. e. number) fitness reflects how close to the minimum value our number is.
The third numerical method is the machine learning. Machine learning approach is aimed at finding such a system configuration that allows to cooperate with environment in the most efficient way.

Free Scientific Software

At that moment the following numerical packages are available: and in preparation:

Free Online Courses

Together with the above-mentioned mathematically advanced applications few free online courses are also provided: I hope that they both will be recognized as a good announcement for much more complicated software in preparation. To learn more use topics presented below (i. e. The Scope Of The Offer).

Ilona Kosinska, free online courses, software, free software, taketechease
Taketechease, software, free software, free online courses, free online apps, communicator
Taketechease, free online courses, software, free software, math, numerics, physics
Taketechease, free online apps
Taketechease, free online courses, math, physics, numerics
Taketechease, communicator

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Last update: March 16, 2018
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